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Content Management Systems

cms-header-rightWhat are the benefits of using a Content Management System?
There are a number of advantages to using a Content Management System (CMS), and these are not limited to websites which have dynamic, interactive or regularly changing content. The main benefit of a CMS is that it enables website owners to keep their site fresh and up-to-date without requiring that they have detailed technical knowledge.
If carefully sourced and implemented, a CMS can help you:

  • reduce the cost of keeping your website up-to-date as there is no need to go back to a specialist web designer each time changes are required
  • customize your website to meet your precise business needs
  • make efficient updates and modifications at any time and from anywhere when using a cloud/web-based CMS
  • use non-technical staff, to make updates, although they will need training
  • outsource site maintenance to reduce maintenance costs - in which there is a very competitive supplier market
  • integrate your website with customer relationship management and asset management systems
  • store archived content, either for future use or reference
  • use dynamic marketing such as onsite display or affiliate marketing, promotions or product recommendations, with personalized and targeted content that can have a positive impact on site-conversion rates for enquiries or sales
  • improve search engine optimization and search engine ranking in natural (free) listings, if content is optimized for search
  • create a version of your website that is also optimized for the mobile web, helping to access this growing market
  • Multi-lingual Content Management - Easily manage any number of languages within the same system and toggle between languages as you make changes to your site.
  • Manage Multiple Domains - Allows you to control multiple sites (domains) within a single system, including internal and external sites.
  • Mini-site Creation and Management - Integrate mini-sites and temporary sites, such as deal sites.
  • Integrated Asset Management System – Joomla Platform includes a full-featured Asset Management system. You can upload and link any type of document, image or video file to any internal or external page. You can also automatically change images to thumbnails or scale them for your website. The system even automatically tracks versions of each document or asset, ensuring that your record of disclosure extends to all of the documents posted on your site.